Friday, March 03, 2006

Rare TGIF Update

Yes, we are still alive.  Just a wee bit busy for me at work, so finding time to get these out is hard to do.
And since we're talking about work, we'll start with tax season.  So far, it's been a bit crazy.  We've been understaffed from December through last week (and still slightly understaffed now).  Added to this is an increase in calls, which results in a normal week of about 55 to 60 hours.  Not fun.  But the paychecks are nice.  Aside from work, I've been trying to relax by tinkering with my web site and blog.
Yvonne is doing well at work.  There's an issue with a co-worker that will hopefully get resolved shortly.  From the sounds of it, she's got a six pack, but no plastic thingy to hold it all together.  I've noticed a lot less stress this year with her move to another school and change in position.  Less homework to grade and fewer kids to work with plus a better management situation.
Elizabeth is doing well.  She's learning more and more words everyday and is doing better at saying words too.  Nothing close to what I'd call a sentence yet, but she's very good at letting you know what she wants.  I think the most amusing part (and probably the most dreadful for Yvonne) is that she's picking up my habits.  She'll push her cereal down to get it wet just like I do, she'll whisper when I do, etc.
In other news, Heather (the younger sister of a college friend) found a new place so she's moved out.  The shed passed it's final inspection last Friday and the basic landscaping should be finished today (grass will come later).  I've got most of the material needed to seal teh floor with an epoxy.  Once that's done (after I get a weekend off that's warm enough) we'll move everything in permanently.  Dad is doing as well as he can with the increased workload and high stress at work.  Mom is busy with her quilts and recently went to a show in Wisconsin and won an award.  Another of her quilts is also traveling the country on tour.  Grandma is doing so-so.  I get varying reports, but I think the overall opinion is that's she's just getting old.  And last night brought news of my Uncle Irv not doing well either.
Our future plans are a bit sketchy at the moment.  Right now I'm in a holding pattern at work (until April 17th).  After that, we should be able to finish the shed and get some work done outside in the yard.  Elizabeth will be turning 2 and Yvonne will be turning (....well....maybe I'd better not say....) this month.  We'll also be headed to the beach in July and attending Nicole's (Yvonne's sister) wedding in September.  Outside of that, nothing else has really been planned yet.
Hope everyone is having a great late winter/early spring.

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