Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My car actually fits in the shed

For those not in the know, I (and Yvonne with the Bank of Dad financing) have been working on a shed to hold the outdoor implements of destruction.  Well, it went from a nice little shed to fit the mower and shovels and quickly became something larger.  I can still remember drawing out (with marking paint) the original size of about 10’ x 12’ in the grass and driving the mower around to see how it fit.

It grew from there.  We’re now at a finished dimension of 14’ x 24’ with an 8’+ ceiling on the first floor and just over 6’ on the second floor.

Yeah, it grew a little bit.

So this past weekend, I did some more prep work for the epoxy coating (a la Lowe’s and Quickcrete) and decided to try the shed on for size with my car.  Keep in mind when we moved stuff from the house attic to the shed attic, Yvonne had a gleam in her eye.  I could already see her wheels turning about how to get her van in the shed.  Sorry honey, not going to happen.

So with the scrap lumber shakily tied to the rafters and side wall, I drove in.  Fits like a glove.  Too bad it’s not the car I really want in there.

All in all, I’ve learned a lot about sheds, building, concrete, and everything involved.  I’m glad I don’t build for a living, but I don’t appear to have that kind of common sense you find in good builders (thankfully I do have more common sense than the bad ones).

From the ground up it was quite an experience.  For those interested, you can find a bunch of photos here:  


Keep in mind, they’re mixed in with a good number of other photos, so just look for the word shed in the descriptions.

For those interested in the current status of the shed, here’s the page (along with some shots of the gun range):


As for future plans, we’ll need gutters (both draining to the back yard a good 20’ or so), some sort of stepping area off the small door, the epoxy coating (as mentioned above), and moving everything in.  After that, we’ll look at wiring for electric (for the future, there’s no power out there now), insulation, drywall, and paint.

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