Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Moldy Grass, Moldy Ass

Damn near forgot to write this up. Guess it was pretty forgettable. Brought back some memories though as I cruised around the neighborhood like a sloth on a skateboard. I was huffing and puffing and inhaled the strong odor of moldy grass. I was instantly taken back to my early years of spending my summers on the road with my dad. Now, I didn't spend all summer with him, it was actually just a week or two. Most of my summer vacation was spent with my mother.

But those summer trips with my dad were memorable. And that moldy grass smell took me back to the time I'd spend on the family farm in Nebraska. I was never a fan of getting up early and I'm still not. But I didn't have much of a choice as a kid and I can remember some early mornings on the farm walking along the road or path or field and smelling the freshly cut grass that was wet from the previous night's rain. The grass had been cut, started to dry, then got wet, and started to stink. Sometimes you'd get the same smell from a bale of hay or straw but most of the time it was the fresh stench of the fields that caught your nose.

Anyway, I walked past a yard in the neighborhood that reminded me of those carefree moments and I began to wonder, will my kids ever get to experience as much as I have at the same age? Probably not but their life can't be perfect. Mine certainly never was. All I can do is my best to be the best parent I can be.


I've been watching a lot of THE WIRE lately. So now I've taken to looking at, well, wires.

Getting things done, sort of, at sunrise makes for some neat shots.

Temps were about 70F to 75F. Sun was out. No wind. Humidity was high.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had a few sips of coffee before the run. Had a bottle of plain water during the run. Recovery was two slices of toast, a left over brat, and two eggs. And the rest of my coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Left ankle and both knees were a bit creaky from the start. Ankle worked itself out but the knees were still feeling it at the end. Biggest issue was my gut. I was halfway through eating a slice of apple pie with whipped cream yesterday at lunch when I found mold. As I sat there seriously considering finishing the slice, I poked around the pie to see if there was any more mold before I dove back in. You see, I'd been waiting patiently before having more pie. All damn week I was waiting. When I found more mold I realized I wasn't so hungry and that I shouldn't have waited so long. So my moldy ass was feeling it this morning. Not to mention that I didn't wait for the coffee to kick in, if you know what I mean. If you don't, I mean that I didn't wait to take a shit before I left for my run.

Nothing special, just shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
I was awake, again, at 0600. I swear if I keep this up it might be a habit by the time school is back in session. Aside from getting up, I didn't have much motivation to run. Didn't feel right the whole time I was out there. That's mostly why I walked the second loop.

Naughty Neil:
Stupid fucking moldy apple pie. So much for delayed gratification.

Loop 1 - 20:06
Loop 2 - 18:53 (not quite a full loop)
Finish - 38:59

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