Friday, July 17, 2015

Letting Go of Guilt

My coach said something wonderful yesterday. I didn't read it until this morning but it worked for me. I can't tell you how many times I've completely ignored a coach and just went and did my own damn thing. It's not that I'm necessarily openly defiant, or at least I don't think that way. Maybe my coaches see it differently though. Anyway, I tend to do my own thing but still try to stay within the guidelines set before me. So I try to stay in the lines when I color but sometimes I like to add a little flair. Or something like that.

So what were these words of wisdom from my coach? "Tomorrow is your day to put the guilt is the day." It was one of those little epiphanies you have in life and you just kind of go "well damn, what the hell was I thinking? of course! duh!"

So yeah, I went out the door this morning and did my best to let go of my guilt. It's not easy. I've struggled with guilt and shame for a long time and the only thing that made today different was that simple line from my coach. Just a few words that spun my mind the right way and set me down the positive path instead of negative thoughts.

With good vibes moving me along, I headed down the road. I did a few hills walking, did some time running, took a break for work, and then went back out for a few more miles. My first round was walking the hills in the newer section of the neighborhood. It felt okay, nothing fancy. My second round was running a couple of loops in the neighborhood. I managed to rescue a shoe that the neighbor's toddler dropped during their walk. After my break for work, I wanted to go out for two more loops but only managed one. Better than nothing.

The rescued shoe.

Temps were about 70F to 75F. Humidity was moderate. Sky was mostly clear but got a little overcast during the day. Wind was light.

Fluids and Fuel:
Half a coffee before my first foray. Bottle of water during the run/walk. Recovery was two egg whites, two pieces of ham, three slices of toast, and the rest of my coffee. My last round I just took water with me and ate lunch when I finished.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing major. Had some quirkyness in my ankles and knees but no real pain.

Nothing fancy. T-shirt and shorts.

New Section - (2.83 miles) - 51:41
Loop 1 - 20:50
Loop 2 - 17:23 (speedy running to return the lost shoe)
Loop 3 - 21:48
Finish - 1:51:44

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