Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Was today another flash in the pan or is this the birth of a new runner? Only time will tell. While I gave my daughter a pass yesterday, I was prepared to lay down the law this morning if she didn't get up to go run like she said she would. Thankfully she was feeling excited about it last night and even got her clothes out before bed. So waking her up this morning was not that big of a deal.

Once we were ready to go, we headed out the door. I knew the dead-ends in the hood were home to horseflies and expected them today. I smacked one on her head as we got started but aside from that one, the rest only buzzed us a bit.

Since the flies were buzzing, we did two lollipop routes instead of the full neighborhood loop. That left us with a good two and a half miles which was more than she wanted but easily within her abilities. And mine. Just not within my abilities when going at her pace. She seemed a little surprised when I told her this and said she was running slow.

The time flew as we flew around the lollipop route twice. When she bailed I snapped a quick selfie because, well, because I'm a dork. It was nice to capture the joy of spending time with her. I feel bad sometimes that I don't spend time with her like I do my son. But she doesn't really like G.I. Joe or Star Wars like we do so sometimes it's hard to find a common interest. That's why I'm so excited she's talking about running, actually running, and planning on running next year. I can only hope the trend continues.

Post run selfie.


Temps were much lower at 70F to 75F. Humidity was much, much lower. Sun was out in full. Light breeze.

Fluids and Fuel:
Sipped a little water before the run. Bottle of plain water during the run. Recovery was yogurt, coffee, and two slices of toast.

Aches and Pains:
My ass, specifically my gut, was paying me back for some poor food choices yesterday. Felt like I ate 10 pounds of extra food yesterday with that giant burrito thing only to shit out 20 pounds last night. At least it curbed my appetite at dinner and after dinner.

Just shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
It was a struggle to not jump up and down like a teenage girl from the 80s in the front row of a New Kids concert. I'm just so excited my little girl, well, not so little any more, wants to run with me. And she started talking about swimming next summer on the swim team and running before practice and my head was past cloud nine.

Naughty Neil:
Yesterday's lunch was brutal. It tasted divine when I ate it but it quickly turned hellish. Payback is a bitch.

Loop 1 - 13:42
Loop 2 - 14:36
Loop 3 - 14:41
Loop 4 - 14:09
Finish - 57:10

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