Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mixed Bag

Today's mixed bag of tricks was brought to you by guilt. I felt a little guilty in switching up my days yesterday and today but I knew yesterday that I wouldn't be running so pushing the run to today just felt like the right thing to do. But the heavy guilt kicked in around 6am when I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. Instead of running. In perfect weather. I repeated the process a few times before finally getting up. I just felt sick of feeling down and used that to actually get up.

Once I was up, I ate breakfast then went for a walk. With the internet down, I figured I didn't have to rush to work. It came back online by the time I got back home but I ran into some momma drama as my wife discovered my son peed on the floor in our daughter's room. I found him in there last night but didn't know he was going to the bathroom. She was livid. He was ashamed. So I got to mediate.

After chugging along at work a bit, I headed back outside for more miles. I managed a little more before wimping out and hopping on the bike. At least on wheels I got a little bit more of a decent workout.

Temps were 60F to 65F this morning. I missed the opportunity. Instead I had to deal with 75F temps. At least there was very little humidity and the wind was cool. Sky was sunny with a few clouds.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was two egg whites, two slices of toast, and two sausage patties. And coffee. During the run and ride I had plain water. Right before my ride I downed an applesauce. Recovery was leftover hamburger, mac and cheese, and broccoli.

Aches and Pains:
Shins were hurting on the run. Outside of that, I was fine physically.

Shorts and t-shirt. Nothing special. Although I did skip my watch. Didn't feel like watching how slow I was today.

Today's Motivation:
Guilt. Plain and simple. And I think this will be the key source behind my game-changing plan post-Oil Creek.

Naughty Neil:
I didn't snack as much as I wanted to last night but I still had a bowl of chips. I skipped the beer because I'm starting to wonder if that's another trigger. Still need to do some further testing on that.

Loop 1 - ~20:00 (walk)
Loop 2 - ~15:00 (run)
Loops 3-8 - ~60:00 (bike)
Finish - ~1:35:00


Gayle said...

Was W sleepwalking like you used to?

Neil Richard said...

Pretty sure. He looked like a zombie when I saw him.