Thursday, September 05, 2013

Forced Death March

I think Coachprs worked some sort of voodoo magic on me while I slept last night. I woke up feeling fairly well rested but pissed off. Seems my lovely wife decided to tickle my foot instead of giving me a kiss. Clearly I have done something to offend the goddess. Anyway, once out of bed, I felt pretty good and not nearly as tired as I normally am for a school day. I hustled everyone off to school and then ran to pick up my car.

Last night was an anomaly of sorts in that we went to town on a weeknight. The kids had check-up appointments with the doctor so it was a bit of a rush to get to town, see the doctor, chow down some dinner, and rush home by bedtime. We made it but in the rush we forgot my car was at the school where I left it before our trip started.

So this morning I was forced, sort of, to run to get it. I was offered a ride from my wife but I knew my car would be a good source of motivation and it fit right in with my planned 1:15 run. Now if I could only stay in that damn Zone 2, I'd be all set. I'm pretty sure I was running in Zone 3 and Zone 4 for most of the run. After a good 3 miles though I felt nice and cozy with my pace and I could breathe easily so I just kept plugging away despite not making it into the elusive Zone 2.

So going to get my car made it a bit of a forced march. The death portion came early as I saw a dead bird in the ditch. A small one. Which made it kind of odd that I even noticed it. I also saw a dead skunk, dead fox, and a dead raccoon. Thankfully the people I saw were all alive. Nearly on my front doorstep was another runner who quickly outpaced me to their stopping point. I also saw a walker and a cyclist. Plus a couple of kids waiting for the bus.

Temps were about 65F. Sun was out but a lot of the route was shaded. Light breeze. No humidity.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was an iced coffee. During the run I had two bottles of plain water. I didn't drink as much as I normally do due to the lower temps but I went through a lot of the water because I'd spit it out. Not sure why. Recovery was a couple of egg sandwiches, an iced latte, and a yogurt.

Aches and Pains:
My right foot fell asleep after a couple of miles. Once I took an extended walk break it woke up. The ball of my left foot started to develop a hot spot but it seems fine now. The small of my back on the left side feels a little tight but nothing too bad.

Had to drag along my car keys and license, which I almost forgot, and that was about it.

Since I was headed to school, I left the weaponry at home and just took my phone. It traveled well in STRETCH.

AVG HR - 155
Peak HR - 188
Min HR - 95
Finish - 1:11:01

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