Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not So Chill

Yay for heat! Said no body ever.

I survived a longish ride to get some coffee. Sometimes I wonder if I'm sick when it comes to my desire for a cold coffee. But then I usually get distracted and drink some coffee. The heat was pretty wicked, especially late in the afternoon. I could feel it radiate off the pavement and cook me from underneath. But I survived.

I took the longer route today just to get some extra time in the saddle. Next time I need to remember to take the side streets to get it over 10 miles. Nothing terribly exciting on the ride, thankfully that means that I didn't get run over.

This is a mark on the newly paved road portion of my route. I have no idea what it means. Anyone?

Temps were 95F with high humidity. Sun was out in full with barely any wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was way too many waffles and iced coffee. Lunch was some Belvita biscuits. During the ride I had some Hammer Fizz. Recovery was iced latte with ZICO and Hammer Recoverite.

Aches and Pains:
Feet fell asleep a few times but that's it.

No special gear.

Took my knife but wished I had a pepper spray with me since a dog chased me on one of the side streets. If I can remember, I'll take the large pepper spray next time just in case.

Outbound - 30:26
Aid Station - 7:33
Inbound - 15:11
Finish - 45:37 ride time (53:11 total time)

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