Thursday, April 19, 2012

Young DJ In The House

While our daughter is likely too young to know what "DJ" actually means, she did a stellar job talking to our local radio DJ. In fact, she and her brother apparently made quite the impression when they met him in person last weekend. But I guess I should back up even before that so we can start from the beginning.

Way back in the late 80s/early 90s, there was a local radio station that went by the name Q96 The Heat. The call-sign and channel was WGRQ and 95.9 FM. Over time they changed formats, owner, etc. and became the WGRQ/95.9 station that airs today. So this channel has been around my childhood for sometime and has long been a steady stream of music in my car over the years (all the way back to when I didn't have a car).

Anyway, they did a local/on-site broadcast last weekend where the morning DJ, Dave Adler, met my wife and kids. The kids were apparently on the radio and were quite the comedy act. I missed the show but through luck and planning, managed to catch the second act this week. Turns out my wife gave the phone to my daughter who called the station one morning.

What you hear here is the end result. I've also included the music videos as well just so you can finish the song.

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