Monday, April 23, 2012

Podcast - Mile 27 - Post HAT Run 50k

This is the real Mile 27. Ignore all other imposters. As usual, I have nothing worthwhile to say. But at least I'm getting it out there. I play a game in this one where I try to find a DailyMile sticker that a fellow runner and I have been moving around on each other. We live near each other so it's a nice little gimmick to get me out the door.

I also do some birthday math, lament at my lack of time and skill at being a novelist, and spot a unicorn. Then I delve into the dark side of soda as I talk about how my depression is often onset by drinking Coke. Can you tell the difference between Coke from a can, from a plastic bottle, from a glass bottle, and from the fountain? I can.

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