Monday, April 23, 2012

Gay, Bi, Curious?

Wild weather dominated today's run. Had to deal with heat, cold, sun, clouds, winds, and even some rain. Didn't know what to expect but I felt like a smart ultra runner. I was prepared.

Debated going out this morning but I honestly chickened out a bit after loading the family into the truck to start their day. Damn was it cold! My little booty shorts didn't cover enough, not even with my RUEZ undies on. So I went to work early and got some stuff done. Thankfully I did because my boss sprang a surprise meeting on us first thing and thankfully I was ready to go. But it also meant I'd have to wait until after lunch to go run. So I did. And it was at least a little warmer.

During the run I didn't see too much exciting beyond the weather. Same old junk on the road, next to the road, and around the hood. Once you run a route a few times, you start to know it's little intricacies. Today was like that. I knew what hills were coming, where to push, where to hold back, and where to glide.

Despite my knowledge of the route though, I fucked with myself. As I left the house, I debated do 8 miles. Then debated 6 miles. Finally I settled on 5 miles. As I chugged down the road on my 5 mile route, I began wondering if I should run to the swamp, chill out, then run back. I hated to wimp out with just a few miles so I decided to do the whole route. Then I really messed with my own head and got to the swamp and walked. And walked. I decided to walk to the turnaround point. This would give me a solid section of walking/power-hiking to make my body cool off some. The idea was to see if I could force myself to run after a prolonged break like that. So at the turn-around point, I began running. And ran damn near the whole route back. If it wasn't for the rain, I think I could have made it. But when I saw the steady deluge coming down the road straight for me, I decided it was time to hide the electronics in the plastic bag before they got soaked. Aside from that section of walking, I ran the whole return trip. In fact, after the walking break, I tried to pick up the pace some. Mostly because I wanted to get out of the rain but partly because I wanted to push myself.

Mission accomplished. I messed with my own head, did the whole route, walked some, ran some, ran faster than normal, and in the end, felt pretty good.

Temps were about 50F but it felt like it swung between 45F and 65F out there. The sun came out at times but never for very long. Rain was a very light sprinkle until the last mile when it became steady but still light enough to be bearable. Wind varied from none to 15mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was yogurt, eggs, a bagel, and coffee. Pre-run snack was four Oreos. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Perpeteum which I finished about 90% of. I also had my hydration pack with plain water. Finished about half of that, so maybe half a liter. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite mixed with milk and water followed by a piece of cornbread and coffee.

Aches and Pains:
My left shin had a few pains here and there. As did both ankles. Knees and everything else felt line.

Wore my hydration pack with all my gear. Also wore my Brooks vest and long sleeve thermal top. Only shorts on the bottom.

Codename - Gay, Bi, Curious?
The weather just couldn't make up it's mind today. The sun would come out and I'd get overheated. Then the wind would pick up and I'd freeze. I'd take my winter hat off, put it back on, take it off again and take my gloves off, then put both back on. Mother Nature just couldn't decide if I was a Bottom or a Top. Funny because I've always thought of myself as a Bear.

Outbound Run - 22:40
Outbound Walk - 11:23
Inbound Run 1 - 7:02
Inbound Run 2 - 20:16
Finish - 1:01:22

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