Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Heat Is On

Hot run today but I knew it was coming. Wanted to snag a few more miles before tomorrow's long run and wouldn't you know it, I can't do math. Turns out I only needed one more mile plus 13 tomorrow to meet my weekly goal. Instead I did 6 today and hope to do 10+ tomorrow. Gah. Such a dunce sometimes.

Anyway, today's run was mostly an exercise in heat training with a side dish of deep thought. Trying to figure out if I need to put on my false front tomorrow and be the carefree Lumberjack or if I should go deep and dark. After 6 miles and a cold shower, I still don't know which way I'm going. Guess I get to play it by ear tomorrow.

Nothing terribly exciting today other than I went half naked from the start. Since I knew it would be warm out, I went topless but gave myself a good coating in sunblock. Well, I gave my natural sweater a coating at least. Saw lots of people out driving, got waves from most of the drivers, and even got a few odd looks from those sitting on their porches watching the hairy fat guy run down their road. Glad I can give people something to talk about at dinner tonight.

Temps were easily 75F, maybe closer to 80F. Humidity was moderate. Winds were light. Sky was clear and sunny.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was eggs, toast, yogurt, and coffee. Lunch was three slices of Hawaiian pizza with water. Before the run I took a small hit of Hammer Gel. During the run I had two bottles of Hammer Fizz. Recovery after the run was chocolate ZICO followed by a cold shower to cool down. After that I had another coffee and some Belvita cracker-cookies. I'll have a full dinner later.

Aches and Pains:
Had an odd, sharp pain in my left ankle at about the halfway mark. Had to stop and walk a few steps before running again. Pain went away, no known cause. Beyond that, I could tell by later in the run I was getting a little overheated. Not too bad but I could feel it creeping up. I was also fighting some stomach distress. Turns out Hawaiians like to relax and take things easy, not go run. Or at least Hawaiian pizza doesn't like to run. Aside from the bloat and the ankle, everything else felt fine.

No special gear beyond my Mission sunblock. Going to be making friends with that spray can all summer long.

Codename - The Heat Is On
Yep, summer is here. I'm sure we'll get some cool days or even cool mornings but we might as well declare that summer has arrived. In a few weeks, I fully expect the humidity to rear its ugly head. Unlike the video though, I don't expect to see any sax in my future.

Outbound - 32:14
Inbound - 33:21 (a full minute slower, likely due to the heat)
Finish - 1:05:36 (oddly enough, my second fastest time but still nearly a minute slower than my PR for this route)

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