Monday, February 20, 2012

Yesterday's Run - 25 to Life

Even though I slept in a bit longer than I wanted to (and way less than I wanted to) I still managed to get in a 2 hour run. I didn't go as far as I wanted to distance-wise but feel pretty good with my total mileage for the week. The trails wreaked havoc on my quads but I think I'll survive. I need to go heavy on the hills between now and the HAT 50k and the trails at Caledon were happy to oblige.

The run was a basic loop of the Red-Blue-Yellow-Orange-White trails where I went out to the white trail and then came back. My first loop was to the right (counter-clockwise) and the second loop was in reverse. My last loop was just the red loop which was thankfully pretty flat. As I started my second loop I saw a runner take off in front of me with his dog but that was about all I saw of him. I was pretty pooped by then and he was fresh so I let him go (like I had a choice - ha!). I did see his dog leave some tracks on one of the boardwalks as it came out of the creek and onto the planks. Outside of that, I was all alone out there (although I did see plenty of squirrels).

Temps were about 38F. Winds were variable, at times light and at times nothing. Skies were overcast.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee and yogurt. During the run I had two handhelds. My first loop I drank about half a bottle of Hammer Perpeteum and nearly a full bottle of Hammer Fizz. My second loop was nearly the rest of my Perpeteum and nearly another full bottle of Fizz. My last loop (just a mile) was the rest of the Perpeteum and Fizz (which wasn't much). Recovery was Hammer Recoverite followed by a lunch of meatloaf, green beans, and an apple turnover.

Wore my Smartwool socks again and they feel loose on the foot. But I was wearing my Saucony Peregrines so I'm not sure how that impacted things. Outside of that, not really any other special gear. Just noticed this will be the last 10 miles on this pair of Peregrines. Time to retire yet another shoe.

Aches and Pains:
I am quickly developing a sensitivity to the more narrow shoes from Saucony. I guess I'm really starting to dig my Altras. I also had toenails in need of a trim. All of this, combined with steep hills going up and down and I was feeling some sore toes by the start of the second loop. My quads were also sore by the end of the second loop.

Codename - 25 to Life
Sometimes Eminem speaks to me. Speaks. To. Me.

Loop 1 (4.3 miles) - 55:34
Aid Station - 1:50
Loop 2 (4.3 miles) - 53:49
Loop 3 (1 mile) - 14:05
Finish - 2:05:20

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