Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before and After

In an attempt to take some before and after photos of my weight loss, I found out that I'm not necessarily losing weight as I expected. I did lose weight and even lost inches around my waist. That was awesome. But every time I looked in the mirror or looked down in the shower, my gut was still huge. Granted, I hadn't lost ten inches or 100 pounds but still, it looked like no progress was made.

Then I noticed myself contracting my abdominal muscles sub-consciously. Sounds crazy. Makes me feel crazy. But I love how it feels under all that blubber. I can actually feel muscles under there. No, not a six pack of abs. But something. And that was cool. So then I started wondering, maybe my big gut is just a lazy gut.

So that's the idea behind the photos below. First, here's the lazy gut.

Next, we have the active gut.

I don't know about you, but I can see the difference. I just wish my gut wasn't so lazy all the time.


Matt said...

Hey, are those C9 underwear you have on?

TK42ONE said...

Why yes, yes they are. I'm almost afraid to ask why you noticed or why you care.