Friday, February 03, 2012

The 7 Deadly Sins

As I was running one day, I began to ponder the seven deadly sins. And how many I suffer from. And how many will kill me.

Envy.Yep. I suffer from this one. I envy those with a better life. More money, more sex, better jobs, better houses, better cars, everything. I envy those people. Not bad enough to do anything too stupid, but I do feel completely incompetent around people that are better than me. And I envy them at the same time.

Gluttony. Are you shitting me? Have you ever seen me eat? I had two servings at dinner tonight. One full serving more than I needed to have. And I'm pretty sure I'll have a snack later tonight too.

Greed. I think I'm greedy to a degree. But I do know that if I were rich, I'd give it all away. Well, not all of it but enough of it to make sure I could live a comfortable life will still improving the lives of those around me.

Lust. Not even going to discuss this one. Too personal. So let's leave it at that.

Pride. I'm extremely proud of my running accomplishments. Proud as a peacock. I love telling people how far I've run. About my past races and future plans. Yes, that's right, I do brag sometimes. But I at least try to humble brag.

Sloth. I'm sitting down for work and for rest. I'm a total couch potato. There are days where I could stay in bed forever. For many reasons. But it's days like that that going to the bathroom are about the only reason I leave the bed.

Wrath. I am spiteful to some degree. I have some extreme thoughts when it comes to people committing certain crimes. Even more so when it comes to punishing stupid, ignorant people.

Isn't low self esteem fun? And so many of these feed off of each other. Gluttony and sloth. Pride and envy. God am I so messed up.

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Lauren said...

You are very brave to write this post. Loved it. I'm too scared to go through my take on the 7 deadly sins. I will say that I can relate on the humble brag. : )