Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New photos

Here are some new photos from the past week or so. I haven't heard anyone clamoring for more photos of William, so I thought I'd be proactive before I heard more complaints. There's also Dad's birthday (my Dad, not me), Mom's postcard, and Elizabeth's fingernails.


PS - Don't forget that you can always check out the photos and videos by clicking that link over there to the left!


-Melissa- said...

Cute photos. You have some cute kids. Has the nail polish helped with Elizabeth's nail biting?

TK42ONE said...

I don't think the polish itself has helped her stop biting them. I think it's the reward of having them painted that she really wants.

She's been having her toenails painted for awhile now and Yvonne says the ladies there really like her. She just asked for them to be painted and they went the extra step with the designs and sparkles.