Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I need your help

I've been staring at my stupid face with a mustache for too long and I need your help. I want a new avatar for Google (which would cover my blog and Picasa). So, I've searched hi and low and I've found the following.

Please vote with your choice in the comments. You decide who lives or dies!

The current avatar:

Choice One
Choice Two
Choice Three
Choice Four

Choice Five


Gayle said...

The one when you were little if you want to get hit on by all the sleazy child molesting creeps.

The bottom one that makes you look like a murderer if you want some prison mail.

The one that looks most like you now gets my vote.

And I will be glad to see that one you use now.... gone!


Gayle said...

Hey, I have a better idea....
how bout the one when you were a baby flippin' off the world?

TK42ONE said...

Well, they all look like me Mom. So which one? Number 3?

And I'll pass on the flipping off the world baby photo. People will think it's William.

NinjasOfLoretto said...

i like the graphic black and white one...but i have peculiar tastes. the one where you are little is pretty cute too though.