Monday, November 19, 2007


So, I was going to tell everyone about my nice weekend but I decided to depress everyone instead by telling you I have no "real" friends.

Now, before everyone jumps the gun, let me explain a little bit. My best friend is my wife. But she's family. And she is a REAL friend, but not the kind I'm talking about. I'm talking about the kind of friend you can go out and do things with, have a drink at the bar, talk about your wife, your kids, your job. You know, a friend.

Maybe a "real guy" friend is a better choice of words. I simply don't have any. I have family. I have family I'm very close to. I have friends online. I have friends online that I feel I'm close to (they may not feel the same way, who knows). But I don't have a single, solitary person that I feel comfortable going out, having a drink or round of golf, and talking about marriage or work or kids.

And while I'm lucky enough to have Yvonne as a best friend, I don't feel like I have a "best-friend-that's-not-your-wife friend." Maybe I'm still too introverted.

So, if you're reading this, be thankful if you have a "best-friend-that's-not-your-wife/husband friend." And if you don't, then feel comfortable that you're not alone.


Paul Abbamondi said...

99.7% of my friends are on the Internet. The rest is family, which is fine by me.

Anyone at your office a good choice for a drink at the bar and some talk? I know that's not the best advice, especially coming from an introvert like myself, but just thought to toss it out there. We are not alone!

TK42ONE said...

Nah, all the people I work with I secretly despise because they're either better than me or complete morons.

And the more I think about it, I shouldn't complain. It's not like I'm looking for friends.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahh, don't worry too much about it, my friend. I have one friend that I talk to in Spokane and Mistress Cat Lady, a coworker of mine, is married and has a kid, so I can only shoot the shitz with her during work.

Those are my only two "real" friends and I can't even hang out with them. Other than that, I have my mom and my sister, and my son when he isn't here visiting.

I will admit that there are times when I come home to nothing and have nothing to do besides tinker around on the internet. I can end up gettin a little depressed over it, but those are simply fleeting moments where I think I might be more tired or spent that I should've gone to bed early.

Plus, imagine how Yvonne would feel if youstarted hanging out with bud a little more often. She'd really start to suck up your time to remind you who's in charge of your life. ;-D

Take care, bro! And, feel free to give me a call whenever, though I do have school on Tues and Thur nights.

~Epheros Aldor - Apostle of Cale

cinda1212 said...

Henri doesnt have any friends either. He knows some guys at work, and he's gone to a game or tow with them... but theyre certianly no one he or i woudl call his friend. they're work people. and thats different. I thought it was weird for a long time. I have lots of friends. Although, even with all the people I know, there are only a couple I'd really call in a crisis, and thats fine by me, too. I think the problem (If it is one) is being the quiet guy in the room. if you cant speak up to folks, they assume you you dont have anythign to say (which, as i know from Henri, just isn't true).

TK42ONE said...

Epheros, you tempt me too much with the idea of prank calls. But I've considered calling you before. Just never felt I had a big enough reason to bug you.

Cinda, I AM the quiet guy in the room. And just like Henri, I have plenty to say. But don't feel comfortable enough in crowds (especially with strangers) to do so. Maybe it really isn't a problem.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry dear. I am sure the demolition derby man will be your friend. :-) I know a couple other husbands who would call you their friend, but I am sure you would say they are just being nice because I am friends with their wives. I know that you have three friends from college who would love to do more however the distances do hinder meeting at the bar. And don't forget Elizabeth says you are her best buddy.


Jayla said...

Jeez, I can totally relate. I am an introvert, much like yourself. There is one girl that I consider my best friend because I've known her the longest out of all of my other "friends". However, we will get together once every few months and we'll have dinner and suffer through long uncomfortable silences. You are not alone, fellow blogger. Happy belated turkey day.