Monday, November 26, 2007

Grande weekend report

Lots of reading here, so pull up a comfy chair and a coffee.

I'm published
I've now been published. In Spanish. And English. Only the Spanish version is online, but the English version is available in print (scan is below). Not quite the groundbreaking writing I was hoping for, but better than nothing.

Since I've been reading about Paul and his Scrabble games, I've had a hankering to play. So this weekend, Yvonne agreed to play. Well, I beat her. Twice. The second game was a bit of a blow-out at 192 to 302. My highest scoring turn was 33 points, her's was 24. My favorite play was playing a single tile (the letter D) and getting 21 points. I don't think she'll play Scrabble with me for a very long time.

Today is my last day of class until late April. This was only my second class in my Masters program, but I think I've learned the key behind this particular program (Masters of Information Systems and Management) thanks to my professor, who was a giant ass. The key is bull shit. The work I've written for this class sucked worse than a Hoover. So bad, I didn't want anyone to proof read the papers for fear they would laugh. But it was a great exercise in creative writing. Even if I bomb this week due to my distribution of fecal matter (which I doubt), I should still pass the class. So remember that class. The key to management is bull shit.

Elizabeth had a blast dancing during the Macy's parade. What a hoot.

I finally finished reading Innocent Mage by Karen Miller and, quite frankly, was surprised I continued reading it until the end. This book has been on the best seller list in the US, UK, and her native Australia. And I'm not sure why. It's not that it isn't a good book, it's just, well, rough around the edges. There are certain aspects of the story that just don't jive. Namely, when the bad guy arrives, he does so suddenly. So suddenly it almost stops the story in its tracks and makes you (the reader) go huh? wha?

I think the best way to describe this story is like a nugget of gold. It has a lot of value, but it's very rough and even looks ugly at times. It isn't like S. M. Stirling or Patrick Rothfuss who have stories that are more like a gold coin. Very crisp, polished, and shiny, but worth the same amount.

I'm hoping the next book is better as is her next series. Until then, I'm off to read Havoc by Jack DuBrul. And maybe I can get back to re-reading (and analyzing) Name of the Wind.

As in Unidentified Family Objects. I'm thinking I've found a name for a new blog. Something that will allow me to show and identify some family heirlooms. I'll test it and see what happens. This was all brought about by my time spent Saturday going through a very small portion of the items Dad brought back from the farm. And I'm not even talking about the letters we sorted out. Kind of sad to see your grandfather's wallet and his father's wallet still full of credit cards and paper items. Anyway, keep an eye on the sky for UFOs!

It's that time of year where I'm tired of working on decorating. Yvonne does most of the work (thank God) and Elizabeth helped this year with the bottom part. I did the top. Yvonne did the middle. We also listened to some holiday music, watched some holiday movies, and generally made a mess of the house that finally got cleaned up late last night (damn those Patriots for winning). But all is done, the house looks normal again, and I'm officially on the Christmas Wagon.

And finally (yes, almost there, you can do it!) the presents I wrapped at work for Yvonne are in the car and ready to go home. Elizabeth has a couple under her bed for Yvonne too. I hope she'll like them!


Paul Abbamondi said...

Doesn't look like the doggy enjoyed Elizabeth's dancin'! :P

Scrabble is the bestest game ever invented. For reals. UFOs sounds like a fun blog idea.

TK42ONE said...

Henry (the dog) just doesn't like to be on camera. He's the opposite of that Sharipova chic's dog on the commercial.

-Melissa- said...

Elizabeth is so cute dancing to the parade. That girl has some dancing skills. Dax liked watching the parade too. His favorite part was Santa at the end.

Daniel Ausema said...

Very cute video, and congrats on getting published...even if I must disagree with you on immigration. You'll be pleased to know that in the Spanish version, at least, you come across as an intelligent person addressing the issue, not as a knee-jerk reactionary as immigration issues so often seem to bring up. I still disagree with you =) but respectfully.

TK42ONE said...

Melissa - We didn't leave the parade on long enough to see Santa. Yvonne has this crazy tradition of listening to Alice's Restaurant at noon. Exactly noon.

Daniel - Nothing wrong with thinking I'm wrong. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way. If we all thought the same, we'd be robots. And I'm glad I sounded smart in Spanish!

Paul Abbamondi said...

And what, Sir TK, is wrong with being a robot???

TK42ONE said...

Paul - These just aren't the droids I'm looking for. Now move along and draw some comics. Move along.

cinda1212 said...

so you've not only put up decorations, but bought and WRAPPED presents already? geez.