Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Knight Rider - S1 E7 - No Big Thing

Knight Rider
Season 1
Episode 7
No Big Thing

Michael saves the day. And the woman. And his boss Devon. And the bad guys end up behind bars.

Merv Griffin had Laurie Beechman, Morgan Fairchild, John Houseman, Isabella Rossellini, and Regine. And of course Dallas and The Greatest American Hero. And HBO was showing "The Battle of the Champions" boxing bought between Alexis Arguello and Aaron Pryor. You can see the entire fight on YouTube.

The Car
KITT can operate on any combustible fluids thanks to the synthesizers. KITT can also apparently drive faster than a normal car in reverse. I've never tested how fast a car can go in reverse so I'll just take their word for it.

Overheard (from my son William)
"He did nothing and they broke his tail light."

"They broke his tail light."

"Those aren't cops, they're bad guys."

"KITT, you told him to go in reverse."

"It looks like a bar fight."

"Man he can punch."


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