Friday, September 30, 2016

40 Years Ago Today - September 30, 1976

My mother sent a Mother’s Day card to my Aunt Wilma in 1976. Mother’s Day was May 9th that year. Most of the card was about mundane goings-on but she mentions a few key events. First, my mother's twin brother had a wedding on July 30th and how she would miss it due to her pregnancy. Second, she mentions one brother-in-law, Denny, helping on the farm and another, Randy, not living on base (he had just been commissioned in February). Finally, and most interesting to me, she signs the card “Love, Gary + Gayle + “Jr.”.”

By July of 1976, my parents were continuing classes on natural childbirth. My father made a note to “put crib together” on July 17th but didn’t complete the project until the next day. My mother had a baby shower on August 26, 1976. It was hosted by Becky Seagoe and Chris Eubanks, Gayle’s closest friends at the time. The shower was held at Chris’ house on 610 Foxglove Place at 7:00 pm. Chris, or Christine, Eubanks was the mother of Cindi and Jill and married to Roger. Jill is about my age while Cindi was born about 5 years earlier. Becky Seagoe was married to David and they had two daughters, Denise and Dawn. The Seagoe family lived in the house across the street.

Cindi (age 7) and Jill (age 2) in 1978.

My original due date was September 30th but I would be a few days late.

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