Monday, May 16, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E3 - China Doll

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 3
China Doll

The intro is different. We see some clips of future episodes now instead of the pilot intro. In this episode, the action starts out in the Red Light district. The big bad guy uses Wang Chung. I swear that's what I heard him say. Anyway, Magnum is hired to protect Mai Ling from the bad guy who just wants Wang Chung everyone.

Cell Phones
When Magnum and Mai Ling drive out to check on her Uncle Han, a cell phone would have taken care of everything. Sure, they could still drive out there, but a phone call or text would have made things a little safer and easier on Uncle Han. But seeing as Uncle Han is older, he may not have a cell phone. But you'd think he would still have a landline.

One interesting thing was the bad guy setting up a meeting at a payphone. I know they still exist but he would have used a different land mark nowadays. But would he have called using the proverbial burner phone?

One odd thought I had about cell phones was that older couple on the helicopter ride. If they were younger, they would have used the speed filter on Snapchat, I just know it!

From the looks of it, exotic dancers haven't seen much change in the way of fashion. It's all about the sparkles and feathers. I totally dug the matching husband and wife on the helicopter tour. Mr. Wang Chung was sporting an awful suit with wide collar and shiny shoes that look like loafers with a gold buckle. I'm sure it was rather dapper back then.

The swim suits are at times hideous and at times classically timeless. I guess a bikini that's a solid color is always going to work. But short shorts and one piece suits ebb and flow like the tide. And that matching couple was back, this time is some bizarre print shirt.

Hawaiian Shirt
Nice double shot of Magnum and Rick. Magnum's shirt is a nice light cream or white with some flowers while Rick is sporting a hilarious shirt with hot dogs, bananas, and women in swimsuits on it.

And then later in the show, we see what I would consider the signature Magnum shirt. Classic bright red with palm trees and flowers.

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