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Magnum PI - S1 E1 - Please Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 1
Please Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii, Part 1

The episode originally aired on December 11, 1980, making it one of the quintessential shows of the 80s. Which of course makes it interesting to me.

The episode opens with a lot of interesting things to take in. We have a voice over, a flashback, and my favorite, breaking the fourth wall. Although you could argue that the voice over is also breaking the fourth wall but I don't see it that way.

We're introduced to Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck), Higgins (John Hillerman), and although we don't see him, Robin Masters (Orson Wells). Magnum is a private investigator and security specialist employed by Robin Masters, a famous author. Higgins is in charge of Robin's estate and is generally a pain in the butt to Magnum.

Magnum goes to Pearl Harbor to pick up a friend but he never shows up. Turns out he's killed shortly after arriving. Magnum then sets off to solve his murder and prove Dan wasn't the drug smuggler everyone thinks he is.

Cell Phones
Dan could have called Magnum when he arrived at the airport. I think his failure to meet him would have meant Magnum would have called him if Dan never called. Either way, they would have been in touch sooner. And if Dan was killed before they talked, I think Magnum would have worried about him sooner. Or called from the car on the way home. Or something along those lines. The bottom line is, Magnum would have learned about Dan's death sooner, or even prevented it

Then of course we have the car chase scene where a cell phone would have come in handy. Granted, at those speeds and on that road, using a phone would have been dangerous. But maybe a hands-free headset or Bluetooth synced with the car would be an option. Either way, after the bad guys wreck, Magnum could have called the cops. But it was pretty clear he didn't want to involve them. He says as much.

Which brings us to the bad guys. At the marina and again after they wreck, they could have used a cell phone. At the marina they could have stayed in their car to make the call. Or better yet, used a smart phone to get instructions or a picture of their target. And after they wrecked, the bad guy could have called for help. Not necessarily the rescue squad or police, but some bad guy buddies could have picked him up before the cops arrived.

Magnum's shorts when he arrives at Hickam Air Force Base were short. Like 1980s short. And that Lacoste shirt he wore was rocking. Dan's sister Alice, is sporting an interesting blouse when we first see her. It reeks of the 70s with the colors and bow at the neck but the poofy shoulders are very 80s.

There's a lot of the 70s hanging on in the fashion that's on screen. From women's dresses and tops to the men's suits. I think the only thing that doesn't change much, if at all, are the military uniforms.

Hawaiian Shirt
This could fall under the category of Fashion but seeing as Magnum is known for his Hawaii shirts, I thought it would be good to break things out a bit more. You know, for that deeper dive.

Only one shirt showed up in this episode. I think what strikes me as the most odd, is that he tucks it in.

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