Friday, January 10, 2014

Does a Lumberjack Shit in the Woods?

Why of course he does. Where else is he going to take a dump? A real man doesn't need an outhouse.

Thankfully I didn't need to use leaves today because they were frozen. Just like the water drops on the leaves. And the rocks on the trail. And the mud on the trail. I've slipped in mud before but today was the first time I've slipped ON mud. Actually ran through the puddles because they were liquid and I knew I'd at least get some traction. Bizarre stuff this morning. Not including my doodie in the woods.

Let's see, found four shotgun shells this morning just off the trail. At a minimum it was littering, at most it was illegal hunting and trespassing. ::sigh:: Why are some people such idiots?

Anyway, the rest of the run was wet and cold. I shockingly was able to talk myself into running five more miles that I thought I would. I went out for what should have been a two plus hour run and quickly found myself fighting a gurgling belly and a cold rain. So, I ran a mile, turn around, and came back. I was totally planning on bailing out after just two miles but my belly needed some relief before that so I stopped to do my doodie duty. Once I started running again, I felt much better and somehow found myself warmed up enough to continue running. So I did. For another five miles. I was still short of my goal on time but I felt much better when I finished. Quitting after 7 miles is much easier on the soul than quitting after 2 miles. Plus, I was getting soaked and cold and didn't want to risk hypothermia. Today was one of those days where I was skirting the line between Bad Ass and Dumb Ass.

After my run.


Temps were 32F during the run. No sun and lots of rain. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was half a coffee. During the run I had water and an applesauce pouch. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite mixed with some coffee and two slices of toast.

Aches and Pains:
Blister on my right heel didn't hurt at all. Everything else felt fine, just a bit sluggish.

Wore shorts, pants, shorts, thermal top, long sleeve shirt, vest, winter hat, and gloves. Within the first half mile I had to put on both of my extra Buffs. Also wore my hydration pack and carried my knife.

Heart Rate:
Kinda gave up on keeping things in Zone 2 after the first few miles. Focused instead on keeping things fast enough to stay warm. Did try to push it a little harder over the last couple of miles.

Mile 1 - 11:29 (AVG HR 147)
Mile 2 - 15:36 (AVG HR 152) (includes taking a dump)
Mile 3 - 14:28 (AVG HR 151)
Mile 4 - 14:03 (AVG HR 151) (includes pee break)
Mile 5 - 13:59 (AVG HR 152)
Mile 6 - 12:48 (AVG HR 160)
Mile 7 - 12:18 (AVG HR 161)
Finish - 1:34:44
MIN HR - 87
AVG HR - 153
MAX HR - 180
RHR - 59

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