Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Steam Punk

Went out for a run during lunch and got a good bitch-slap for my effort. I know I didn't like it but I think I needed it. I thought it was warm a few weeks ago but today came out and said "up yours!" and proceeded to prove to me that today was not only warmer but also more humid. And the sad part is it's a mild day today compared to what we'll see later this summer.

Anyway, along my run today I saw some odd things. First, a dead snake. A small one mind you but still creepy. A few miles later I did my Heisman Trophy dance/jump when I thought I saw a much bigger snake. Turns out it was just a crack in the road. I also saw a dead baby turtle. While not as scary as a snake, it's just as creepy. Then I saw a deer (alive) take off into the woods. Made me slow to a walk to watch and then promptly jump when a huge turkey takes off just a few feet from where the deer was.

Outside of the wildlife, it was a fairly normal run. Had to deal with some hydration and heating issues but I survived. And got a refresher in running in the heat.

Temps were about 80F to 85F with humidity around 50% to 60%. Skies were mostly clear and there was a light breeze around 10mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a new type of burrito from Wegmans, yogurt, and iced coffee. Pre-run fuel was a Hammer Gel (Raspberry - which gave me some acid reflux, heartburn, and burping). During the run I had a bottle of plain water and a bottle of Hammer Fizz. I had about 5 ice cubes in both bottles and they lasted about halfway through the run (and made an awful clunking noise along the way). I stashed my Fizz bottle around mile 1.5 instead of my usual spot around mile 2 and promptly had to ration my water until I got back to it. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite in the shower followed by left over hamburger and some shredded mini wheat things.

Aches and Pains:
Around mile 4 I started to get the chills which I've learned is my body's way of telling me I'm overheated. I slowed down on the return leg and still struggled to keep a solid pace going. My biggest saving grace was the shade from the trees and the light breeze. No other real pains.

Ditched my shirt around mile 1.5. Took my phone to snap a picture along the way (of the hill at the turn-around point for this route). No other special gear.

Codename - Steam Punk
It was steamy out today. And I felt it because I ran like a punk. I thought I knew what I could handle but Mother Nature was kind enough to remind me of a few things. Like stash the water, not the electrolyte drink. Like wear sunscreen if it's hot. Like don't bother wearing a shirt if it's hot. Like don't be a punk ass bitch when it's hot outside.

Outbound - 34:22 (went out way too fast)
Inbound - 37:43 (suffered through the heat)
Finish - 1:12:06

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