Thursday, May 10, 2012

Acting Out

At a recent work function, I was "given" the opportunity to social with my peers. While it may surprise those of you that don't know me, I'm actually fairly anti-social. I'm by far more comfortable communicating online and through means other than being face to face. So when my boss said I was going to go to this function, I agreed, but was hesitant.

Turns out, I had fun. As the photo shows, I felt much more comfortable around my peers. Even those I rarely meet or speak to. So when I acted out during the photo shoot, I felt in control and comfortable doing so. Afterwords though, I felt like a bit of an attention whore. I got everyone to look at me, laugh at me, and pay attention to me. But why? To make sure they all knew that I still worked with them? To make sure they liked me?

I don't know. But I felt great when I did it and felt good when I was at the function. I didn't feel out of place and only had one or two awkward moments instead of a solid two or three hours of awkward moments. I had more confidence than I normally do and I'm not sure if it was because I've been so far removed from the workplace by working at home or if it was because I'm becoming more confident due to my running. Maybe it's both but I'd like to think it's mostly because of my running. I've learned so much more by running, not just about running but also about myself.

So, while I wrap up this post about self-discovery and acting out at work, feel free to have a good laugh at my expense.

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