Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's a mouse in the house

There's a mouse in the house

The war is on between you and me
I have set traps that number three
I hope you die before I wake
I pray this for my sanity's sake

When I heard you skittering last night
You gave me a terrible terrible fright
For I don't like furry mice or creepy bugs
I'd rather get beaten by a gang of thugs

So this morning I baited you with peanut butter
In hopes it will be the last squeak you utter
Because when I hear that trap snap
I am going to jump and clap

I hope your death is quick and clean
Despite my hate for you, I'm not mean
I no fan of suffering while dying
Yet when you go I won't be crying

And since I'm not living in your house
You furry, creepy, little mouse
Please don't live in mine
Or you'll join the divine

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