Friday, October 24, 2008

Make sure you celebrate tomorrow!

That's right ya'll, tomorrow is Livermush Day! What's livermush you ask? Start here:

And if you can still stomach it, read here. And of course, the article that started it all.

And for the record, not even a cute girl like this:

Could get me to eat this:


Gayle said...

OMG I think I will celebrate the fact that there is none here to eat and never will be!

Bobby used to love that stuff. And other things similar to it. I refused to make it or buy it, he only got it at Granny's house. At that point I would go outside!


cinda1212 said...

Uhmm.... no thanks. I cant even stomach spam, and anything with 'liver' in the title is SO not for me.

TK42ONE said...

Mom/cinda - I totally agree with both of you. At the point in the video where the guy says "if you can eat hot dogs..." and I started laughing. All I could think about was the scene in that John Candy movie where they say hot dogs is made of lips and asses.

Which is exactly why I don't eat either of these foods (nor Spam). but we knew people in Shelby that ate this stuff all the time. Like it was candy. Or another type of meat group or something.