Friday, October 03, 2008

The bestest birthday ever

Well, maybe not, but still it's been pretty good so far. We saw yesterday what came in the mail. Today, I was greeted by a cheerful four-year old with a card and present. My present? A letter opener.

Yes, that's right, I wanted a letter opener. I've been opening letters with my finger on the short side of the envelope for long enough, I tell ya, long enough. Now I can use my handy-dandy, metal (pointy but dull) letter opener. No fancy engraving. No fancy tassels. Just a letter opener.

My card? Well, I'll let everyone enjoy (and add some explanations from the "artist").

That's a snowman Daddy.

The arrows tell you where to read. I used my stencils to draw the heart and I wrote my name all by myself. [when I asked her about the thing in the upper right corner, she replied] That's your birthday cake.

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Gayle said...

Wow are you lucky!