Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason Statham

So, this is inspired by a recent run to Best Buy with a gift card. I picked up In the Name of the King and The Bank Job. I had not intended to buy two movies with Jason Statham, it just sort of worked out that way. I also got Young Guns, but silly me didn't realize we already had it.

Anyway, In the Name of the King was a generic D&D movie. But it had a surprisingly stellar cast. Ray Liotta? Check. Burt Reynolds? Check. Leelee Sobieski? Check. John Rhys-Davies? Check. Matthew Lillard? Check. Ron Perlman? Check. As to the movie itself, meh. It was okay. Thankfully I had a gift card.

The Bank Job? No idea, haven't watched it yet. But I did read an interesting article about Statham today in the remake of Death Race. Damn, Ian McShane is going to be in it? Swearengen!

And suddenly I realize this is nothing but a bunch of links. Oh well. Watch Crank and Transporter if you haven't already. Awesome movies.

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