Sunday, August 17, 2008

Comic #4 - The Sloped

No, that's not "sloped" like the "hill is sloped down toward the river." No, this "sloped" has two syllables. Like "this Mo-Ped was a Slo-Ped and all the cars kept passing it." This is also my favorite of the four comics.

*Click here to see why I'm drawing these comics.


Paul Abbamondi said...

Chub flub for the win! I like this one the best too out of all of them so far.

Keep 'em coming!

TK42ONE said...

Alas Yorrick, this be the last comic. You have now been inspired.

1979 semi-finalist said... this a real thing, or is this word your creation...if in fact it is the latter, then welcome to "foodwhore" and "unnn!" fame...

try to be classy and not let your head get too big ;)

TK42ONE said...

Seeing as I could find no reference to it online, I guess I created "slo-ped" (hyphen optional). I feel so special now (and I don't "mean window-licking-short-bus-riding" special either).