Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday-edited-

I feel like I'm neglecting you all. Boohoo.

So, the Giants won. Yeah. Eat shit and die Bill Belichick. You're an ass.

Elizabeth will likely be traveling with Grammy and Bapa Dave to see Aunt Monica next week. Assuming there is no blizzard. Which meant we had to draft up a guardianship paper. Which reminds me we still need to do a will. Shame on us, I know. I started one, but never finished it. Guess I'll add that to my plate of things to do.

William is looking much better again. He had a bit of a relapse with the scrappy cheeks, but is back on his meds and looking good. We'll see how he holds up after his meds are gone. He's also doing pretty good at rolling over and at getting up on his knees. He scoots backwards most of the time but has been known to rock back and forth on his knees. He's also chowing down on half a jar of baby food at breakfast and dinner. Porker.

And Yvonne is doing fine. School is school. There's always drama of some sort. Always a teacher/student/administrator/parent rubbing people the wrong way or doing something great or who knows what. The bad news is the school system seems to be out of money, which means no spending for classroom supplies.


And the van is fixed now. Dad's car is in the shop taking its turn at repairs.

And I'm seriously looking at the big screen TVs now. We should get a nice refund and it's already burning a hole in my pocket. We still need to do some shopping first, but things are looking good. And big.

-edited- Yippee! I skipped the gym today to read some more of Triple Zero. I'm right at that part in the middle where things get interesting. Keeping the troopers straight is insanely difficult but I'm managing. I also started Assassin's Apprentice this weekend. So far, it's keeping me interested. I'll keep you posted on that one.

5 minutes. The UFO blog took a hit in the crotch over the weekend. Everything should work out, but man, I hate it when people act stupid.

And with 2 minutes, I'm quitting. Don't want to be late for dinner!

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