Monday, January 28, 2008


What on earth did I just step into? I just did a quick update to my reading log and dear me. How things change when you realize how much you already have to read in your queue. Ten books. Ten whole books. At this rate, if I buy two more, that'll be enough for the year. Guess I need to re-evaluate where I stand and what's in queue before preceding on.

Okay, I reordered them a bit and have decided to put Name of the Wind down for a bit while I pick up another to read. I've already read NOTW and could use the extra space on my desk. With that filed away for awhile, I think I'll start a Star Wars book, the first I've read in some time.

Oi vey. Squish squish.

So how was your weekend (or weekenday)? And what do you call your "to be read" list? A stack? A pile? I think I'll stick with "The Queue" for mine. -edited- Why not another one at home!


Anonymous said...

My reading queue consists of the following:

-The Watercourse Trilogy, by Phillip Athans (Forgotten Realms)
-The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy, by Thomas Reid (Forgotten Realms)
-Realms of War anthology, currently finishing (Forgotten Realms)
-Stardeep, by Bruce Cordell (Realms)
-Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, by Rosemary Jones (Realms)
-Neversfall, by Ed Gentry (Realms)
-The City of Splendors, by Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham (Realms)
**Yeah, I've fallen behind on a lot of my Forgotten Realms books, 11 books thus far, not counting unreleased trilogies that are still waiting number 2 or 3 to be released

-Dreams of Terror and Death, an H.P. Lovecraft compilation
-A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin
-The Highwayman, by R.A. Salvatore
-Scar Night, by Alan Campbell
-Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson
-Hellgate: London (Book 1-Exodus), by Mel Odoom

But, this doesn't consider first of the line privileges when Shadowrealm, by Paul S. Kemp, comes out, and at some point when the paperback version is released Red Skies over Red Seas, by Scott Lynch. Not to mention the other Forgotten Realms books that release between now and next year, as well as Gail Z. Martin's The Blood King and William Kooiker's The Knights of the Dove (I think that's right).

And, I can't forget all things gothic and Poe-ish when my two college courses start up. I'll be doing an author study on Edgar Allen Poe and a literature review class of Gothic Lit.

So, to put it mildly, I'm seriously behind and it's only getting worse. I truly need to figure out how extend my concsciousness into the 4th dimension in order for me to control how much time I really have.

~Epheros Aldor - Apostle of Cale

1979 semi-finalist said...

my reading queue is sadly a shelf and two stacks. it is more than i could probably read in a year...even if i really stayed on top of it...yet i somehow cannot stop buying books...must resist.

top of my pile are:
Certainty by Madeleine Thien
2007 Best American Non-Required Reading edited by Dave Eggers
2007 Best American Comics edited by Chirs Ware
2007 Best American Short Stories edited by Stephen King
Super Spy by Matt Kindt
Eat The Document by Dana Spiotta
Run by Ann Patchett
Finishing The Children's Hospital by Chris Adrian (it's great but it makes me a little woosy since i have a weakish stomach)
A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius by Dave Eggers
and attempting to finish Consider The Lobster by David Foster Wallace...

Paul Abbamondi said...

I call it The Pile. It hasn't changed since I last posted about it. Ugh...