Monday, January 07, 2008

Need a little help

Please let me know if you can or CANNOT view this document -


Oh, and if you want to tell me what you think about the book or my review, that's fine too.


elias said...

I can see it.

Trina said...

I can see it, but I didn't read beyond the first sentence. I'm STILL on Ch 12! Obviously didn't get any reading done this weekend-went diving instead on Sat & then Sun, we checked out the RV show.

TK42ONE said...

Glad everyone can see it. I hope to have the review and rating system finalized for today's release.

Trina - sounds like you had a fun weekend, but you could have taken your book along (unless you were driving of course).

Trina said...

I did bring it! But we left around 4:30pm and by 5:00pm it was too dark to read in the truck. Same thing coming back Sat, except we left Wilmington around 6:00pm. (I always have excuses handy!)