Thursday, January 10, 2008

La Grenouille-edited-

No, I'm not talking about the restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

I'm talking about this guy:

Who actually looks more like this:

So anyway, La Grenoille (pronounced "la grawn-we") was lucky enough to go with Yvonne to school on Monday and to work with me yesterday. I have no idea why or how we managed such an honor.

Let me back up a bit before you get lost. Froggy (as he's known in our house) has become the security blanket/favorite doll of choice. Froggy goes to bed, goes to work, goes everywhere (except inside stores when shopping) with Elizabeth. For whatever reason, he is "THE MAN!"

So, keeping that in mind, that is why we were both surprised when she agreed to let him leave her proximity for not one, but two days.

*Editor's note: This was written yesterday but posting was delayed -edited-

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