Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Snuffle huh wha?

It's a new year and I already feel like I'm behind schedule.

But hark! There's light ahead!

Yeah, that's the dawn of tomorrow you moron. Everything is pretty much "back to normal" after the holiday marathon. The Suburban is unpacked and returned to Dad. The Christmas decorations are back in the attic (except for one tote that's waiting for two towels to get washed). And the dishes are done. Laundry is done. Lunch boxes are our and ready for tomorrow. The floor has been vacuumed, some of the house has been dusted, and there's a new stack of books waiting to be read. I'm in Chapter 12 of The Sunrise Lands (more on that later). And there's even a new shower head awaiting installation.

And of course I get to go to work tomorrow. So, I should be back to a more normal schedule this week.


Trina said...

Okay, this is just freaky-I'm on chapter 12 of The Sunrise Lands.

I'm going to save my comments for the FBS review. Except to mention that this is the first book by Stirling I've read, and I wasn't aware until just the other day that this isn't the first book of "The Change". But, it doesn't seem to be hampering my reading of TSL.

TK42ONE said...

Guess I'll have to wait for the review. But yes, there are a few other books plus a few short stories. I also read his Conquistador and wasn't impressed. This series seems to be the better choice (regardless of what book you read).