Monday, August 27, 2007

Kvothe - Cover Art, Dedication, Acknowledgements, and the Map

The Name Of The Wind
By Patrick Rothfuss

A detailed analysis by Neil Richard
© 2007 Productions

Cover Art

The cover art by Donato is available in two options; the old stone man or the bare-chested teenage boy. While a devout straight man, I was somehow drawn to the bare-chested young man. Something about his eyes and the way he looked out from the cover made me want to buy the book (which is initially what got me hooked on this novel). The old stone man can be seen in the background, but even on the cover without the young man, it’s a little too boring for my tastes.

After reading the book and looking at the cover again, you will want to pay special attention to the lute and the book in his hands.

Dedication, Acknowledgements, and the Map

The book is dedicated to Patrick’s parents. Nothing entirely special but perfectly suited for a man who often sounds like a kid at heart.

The acknowledgements are distinct in that one leads into the other. He ends most with a “I never would have” statement that draws the reader into the next paragraph. A subtle clue to the writer’s ability.

The map is the most disappointing portion of the book. As you read along, you’ll notice that nearly all of the small towns mentioned are not on the map. For those geographically-oriented readers like myself, this is an important setback.

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