Monday, August 27, 2007

F Dash Dash Dash

First, no baby yet - so don't ask.

Second, kudos if you get the reference to the Title of today's post. One of the best movies ever!

Third, on with today's discussion. How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Saturday was spent mostly inside for us. It was 100 degrees (plus another 10 or so due to humidity) and I had no desire to go outside to cut the grass. Plus it was so humid it didn't really dry out from the morning dew.

But we did some laundry and various chores. Yvonne took her sewing machine to get repaired. Not sure how much she'll sew on it, but as long as she stays away from sewing buttons on my underwear, I'm cool.

Hmmm, oh, that's right. We also recovered a bit Saturday from our trip (this makes three) tot he hospital. Yvonne had some blurry vision and more contractions. She called the doc, the doc said come in, so we came in. The lab work came back fine, just a little low on potassium. I couldn't help but laugh when the nurse said to eat bananas and leafy green vegetables. That's like getting me to eat raw oysters. Yuck.

Sunday was another lazy day. We went to town to buy new towels (our old ones were getting a bit funky). We got maroon last time so opted for mustard this time. No sea foam - YEAH!

And I picked up another toy. Which brings me back to the title of the post. The 16GB A-DATA USB drive I got from Newegg sucked. It sucked worse than a hoover vacuum. I tried three machines and it wasn't recognized (some stupid Code 10 error in the Device Manager). So, I returned it today to Newegg for a refund.

And my new toy costs the same amount of money (even factoring in the restocking few of the other one) and give me a lot more real estate to work with. I'm now sporting a 120GB Seagate Free Agent drive. It's already been formatted, I've moved my data, and it runs great. Two big downsides to this drive are it's size and cabling. It's roughly the size of a wallet, so it's certainly bigger than my little thumb drive. And the cable it came with is a USB-Y cable, one side for power, the other for power and data. BUT - it works with just a regular cable. So voila! I only have to worry about size now.

See lady's, smaller is better!

And on that note, I'm off to smooth out my Kvothe post for today. Oh, and I'll work on getting some new photos and video of Elizabeth up too.

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