Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sheild Of Lies Review

Shield Of Lies (Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy #2)
by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

Review By: Neil Richard

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Lando – Lando gets his behind kidnapped (or shipnapped) by the living ship. He, Lobot, 3PO, and R2 get stuck in the living ship. They eventually learn that the ship is semi-sentient (smart enough to defend itself, not smart enough to communicate with). While wandering around inside, they discover a string of rooms that turns out to be a history of the previous owners. Their status is still undetermined at the end. I do love the interaction of Lando and Lobot. I’m starting to wonder if these two are sorely under-represented in the books.

Luke – Luke is off galavanting around the galaxy trying to find his mother. While we now know who his mother is (Padme), we learn about where his mother came from. This is probably my biggest gripe about the book, the big discrepencies between the book and the movies. Obviously they didn’t know about the movies when they wrote the books, but it still bothers me.

Leia – Leia is again the strong female lead, just as she was in the movies. It is nice to see her in a few family settings, but this book isn’t really about her family, so I can see why there isn’t much of it. It’s also nice to see her come back to the strong leader that she is once she sees the error of her previous decision to not fight the bad guys.

Again, it’s nice to see a well written book. It lacks a bit more than the first book, but most often the second book in a series is.

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