Wednesday, September 27, 2017

LOST With Elizabeth - Season 2, Disc 2

Changes to previous answers are highlighted.

Disc 2 Questions

Where did "The Others" take the other 9 Tailies?

Where ever Ethan took Claire. And I think Claire met some of them before she lost her memory. There's nothing to remind her of that so she can't get her memory back.

Was that really Walt?


Does absence make the heart grow fonder? [Sun and Jin and
Bernard and Rose]

Will Sawyer make a full recovery?

Yes but his left arm will be weaker than it was.

Are they more connected than they think? [Jack and Ana Lucia]


Disc 1 Questions

What have the Tailies been through the last 48 days?

Well they were on the beach then they went in the jungle.

What happens if they don't push the button before the time runs out? [in the Hatch]

The electromagnetic thing turns off. But nothing other than that.

Is a reunion in store for Bernard and Rose?


Was Jack and Desmond's previous meeting a mere coincidence...?


... or is it fate? [the meeting of Jack and Desmond]

I wouldn't say fate but it wasn't a coincidence. It was half in-between.

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