Saturday, July 09, 2016

Just Tri To Be Sweaty

Got up this morning feeling awake but tired. Felt like I didn't sleep at all last night despite going to bed earlier than normal. Maybe I should have stayed up late instead.

After getting up butt-crack early, Yvonne, William, and I headed down to Colonial Beach for their sprint triathlon. We were manning the table at the swim exit and run start. There were a few hectic minutes there were the last of the swimmers were coming out of the water while the first of the runners were starting. But I'm confident we didn't leave anyone wanting for water. There were some stressful moments (several actually) where we weren't sure if we'd get water in time but it arrived with just enough time to put it in cups and serve it. But it was close.

After that, it was time to come home and run. So while Yvonne was eating her donut, I went out for a very hot 4 miles. And it was hot indeed. I saw Mrs. Boyer out walking (quite fast as usual). Saw my former classmate cutting grass, another neighbor cutting grass, and another, and, well, a few more cutting grass. Waved to a few people. Had Gavin's mom's dogs chase me for a few steps (they turned around and my pace quickened a bit). And that was about it. Despite the heat, saw a lot of people outside. Guess it's Saturday.


Temps were about 80F when I started but quickly rose to 85F or 90F. Humidity was moderate. Wind started off moderate but lessened as things went along. Sky was mostly clear with a few wispy clouds.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee, a banana, and pop tarts. Plain water during the run. Recovery was a shower, a nap, and then three waffles, two eggs, and three slices of bacon.

Aches and Pains:
Heels started to hurt a bit towards the end. I'm guessing it was rocks and sand from the beach this morning. Also had some searing lungs int he heat but that was expected.

Wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
Wasn't sure if I'd get my run done today or not but it worked out nearly perfectly. We came back from the race, I ran, it felt good. Not much motivation beyond that.

Naughty Neil:
Those pop tarts were gross. But necessary. Didn't really have the time to eat a "normal" meal and knew I needed something before the race started. So I guess it was either pop tarts or McDonalds.

Loop 1 - 17:45
Loop 2 - 18:44
Circle - 12:16
Finish - 48:45

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