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2015 Oil Creek 100k Race Report

I'm not sure where to start. Maybe with "I finished" or "I'm still alive."

But let's get into the nitty gritty details. As usual, be warned, I may talk about some bodily functions that may not be appealing. And I may talk about some body parts that are peeling.

I started my trip with a long drive to my mom's house. About halfway there, I realized I had forgotten my GenUCAN hydration and fuel mixes. I nearly panicked but stopped at a bike shop, Dicks, and running store to come up with some weak alternatives. I've used Hammer products before but I wasn't going to buy a giant sized container of Perpeteum and their Perpeteum chews make me want to eat dirt. But they had Fizz, which I like, but only in Grapefruit, which I don't like. So I got a tube anyway. And they had NUUN, which I've never used before. But I was desperate enough to try something new on race day.

By the time I got to my mom's I wasn't as panicked about my electrolytes and nutrition. It was going to be whatever it would be. I would just need to deal with it and live off of the aid stations. And that's what I did.

Friday I packed my drop bags, got my gear ready, and went to see THE MARTIAN. Solid movie but the book is better. Isn't it always that way? Then it was time for the pre-race dinner and packet pick-up. As usual, the dinner was pasta with salad. Not gourmet but better than what I could  make. And they had a company there that gave away ice cream. Handmade ice cream. Way tasty. Then it was home to bed.

Race morning I stopped to pick up fellow 100k runner George. It was nice to have some company on the short trip to the Start line. There was the usual pre-race brief, adjustments, bathroom breaks, then off we went into the night. The first loop went fairly well. Pretty much walked all of it. Did a little bit of running but not much. Before I got to the first aid station, I passed an older gentleman who was also doing 100k then shortly after that I linked up with Christine who was also doing the 100k. I passed her shortly before the first aid station but she caught up to me by the time I got ready to leave. At the first aid station I had a boiled egg and a couple of pieces of boiled potatoes with salt. I knew electrolytes would be an issue so I wanted to stay on top of that

Anyway, as I was leaving the first aid station Christine was just coming in. I don't think she or the older gentlemen finished. Although it's distinctly possible they passed me later in the night but I know based on my pace and theirs at that time in the race, they probably didn't make it.

After the first aid station, I headed out into Section 2. I knew it was easier but also knew it would eat me alive if I didn't take things easy. So I cruised along feeling good. Stopped at the water table for water, then headed on to Aid Station 2. This is the halfway point in the loop so I knew I'd have my drop bag there if I needed anything. I got lucky and had extra clothes in my trunk because I put a long sleeve thermal on for the start and was able to take it off here and just wear my t-shirt and shorts. I changed socks, re-lubed my feet, put a little pain killer gel on my left foot, ate two slices of pizza, some grilled cheese, and I think some chips.

Then it was into Section 3. The sucky section. But I knew it coming in. Hit the first water table. Hit the Boy Scout water table. Then made it to Aid Station 3. This was my first dose of pickle juice. It tastes like hell but damn, it's exactly what you need when your electrolytes are jacked up. Don't think I had any food here and only stayed a few minutes before moving on to Section 4. Again, another rough section that included my Quitting Rock. I told the rock I'd sit on it when I came back around the second time.

At the Middle School (aka Aid Station 4), I saw my mom. She helped me get some food and drink and hovered over me while I took care of my feet (new socks, pain killer gel, lube, lancing a blister). I tried to lay down for a few minutes to elevate my feet but I was too worried I'd get stuck there and not want to leave for my second loop. So after a few minutes I gave up on resting my feet and headed back out for more.

I had my long sleeve shirt back on and also added pants and a kilt. It sucked going back out. Especially when I had to start using my headlamp as soon as I got back on the trail. That was a major mental blow knowing that it would be dark nearly the whole second loop. But I was determined so I moved on.

Section 1 was the same as before. I made it to Aid Station 1 again and laid down to put my feet up. The volunteers were awesome but a little worried something was wrong. I reassured them that no, I just wanted to elevate my feet. Unfortunately, I put my hydration pack in a chair, then put my feet in the same chair, and ended up getting my headlamp band wet. And the seat had a giant puddle. Sorry.

I had more pickle juice, half a hamburger, then moved out to Section 2. Hit the water table. Made it to Aid Station 2. Talked a little to a semi-local runner I know from my area while I took care of my feet. I didn't lay down here but did change clothes. I knew laying down here was dangerous too as it would be an easy place to quit. So I moved on to Section 3.

This time around it sucked. I swear that trail grows and grows and gets longer every time you go by. Just before making it to the first water table, I ran into Lucas who was moving about my speed. He was in the 100k too and I figured we'd be in it to the end. Until he pulled up short and said he was going to be sick. He barfed a good 5 times but I kept going. I felt bad for leaving him there but I knew if I heard more barfing I'd be doing the same thing. We'd eventually play leap frog a big through Section 3. He caught up to me at the first water table where I managed to take a short wrong turn. Then it was on to the water table at the Boy Scout camp. Somewhere after that, I found him laying on the side of the trail taking a nap. We were both so tired that we were trying to figure out how to take a nap without a bench and without getting cold. I saw no rock or stump or log that looked comfy enough so I kept staggering forward. When I passed him I asked if he was okay. He said he was so I kept moving to Aid Station 3.

Once there I took the best worst nap I've ever had. I sat in a camp chair by the fire and told the volunteer to wake me up in 20 minutes. I fidgeted for awhile then dozed off. My head was either way back like a broken PEZ dispenser or way forward like I was trying to lick my belly button. But I got some sleep. At some point Lucas had come in and was doing the same thing, napping by the fire.

I had some coffee, pickle juice, food (I think) and carried on. I knew this section would suck too but also knew that it wasn't as long as it looks on paper. With only 6ish miles on the trail, I knew the 8ish miles to the Finish wouldn't be that bad. Well, I was wrong as usual. It sucked. I walked and walked and walked. Made it to the water table and kept walking. And walking. Finally, FINALLY, I made it to the hiker check-in box which I knew was only a mile from the trailhead.

Well, it still dragged on and on, even after knowing I was that close. By this time the sun was coming up. It was just about light enough to see without a headlamp so I turned mine off and stowed it. I also started taking a layer or two off but would eventually put some back on as I got on the shady side of the hills.

Once off the trail, I had one mile around the Drake Well Museum and a mile on the bike path. And wouldn't you know it, after 60 miles, I needed to take a dump. I couldn't wait to make it back to the porta-potty so I did my best to crawl into the woods out of sight and off the path. And, wouldn't you know it, shortly after that my monkey butt flared up so much I needed to address it. No worries, I threw the mini-stick of Body Glide away after that session.

Then it was a zombie shuffle to the Finish on the bike path. I made the final turn, tossed my hydration pack in the grass, and shuffled across the finish line in 28:35:40 (that's 28 hours, 35 minutes, and 40 seconds).

Temps were just about perfect. About 45F to 50F at night and 60F to 65F during the day. Sky was clear the whole time. Saw the Moon and Mars rising as I started. Only had a smidge of wind at the very end. Stopped just before Aid Station 3 on my second time through and turned my light off and stared at the night sky through the trees. Swear the sky glowed. Maybe I was seeing things again.

Fluids and Fuel:
Before the race I had a small coffee and a banana. During the race I took 3 GenUCAN Hydrates, about 5 Hammer Fizz, about 5 NUUN (which didn't work), about 5 to 8 shots of pickle juice (worked great), plain water (kept it at a minimum), half a hamburger, one boiled egg, two boiled potatoes, two slices of pepperoni pizza, two grilled cheeses, one slice of avocado wrap, a few chips, some perogies, and I'm sure a few other things to eat and drink that I don't remember. Oh, and about 2 cups of coffee. Recovery was a bacon Whopper, lousy fries, and a little Coke. I've been trying to not eat everything under the sun since then.

Aches and Pains:
This is the remarkable section. Sunday, the day I finished the race, I struggled to walk. But generally speaking, was in good shape. I had one blister on my right heel that I lanced after I finished and some butt chafe and that was it. Since then, my left foot/ankle/lower leg has swollen a little but nothing too terrible. Each day I've been getting better and better and by Tuesday I was able to go up and down the stairs in my house with minimal effort and pain. I had some minor stiffness in my upper back from the hydration pack but I think keeping my posture straight during the race helped a ton. Oh, and let's not forget about my taint shedding a layer of skin like a gross snake. But that's normal. At least for me.

Wore North Face shorts and my KREndurance t-shirt, and Nathan hydration pack the entire time. When it got cold, I would add an UnderArmour long sleeve top and some pants as well as gloves. Once again my BUFFs saved me so many times. So easy to take on and off as needed. My Smartwook socks were awesome and even though I rarely change socks during a race, I'm glad I did. Felt nice. Finally, my Altra shoes kicked ass. One small blister after 62 miles is hard to beat!

Today's Motivation:
I finished in 2012. I DNF'd in 2013. I joked in 2013 that I was there to get a new sticker because my finisher's sticker from 2012 got scraped off my car window (totally my dumb ass fault). Since then, I've been a bit haunted by the DNF. One odd tidbit of motivation, I didn't wash my light jacket from 2013 since my DNF. Well, I may have washed it once, but it's gone at least a year without being washed. Not a terribly big deal since I don't wear it much. But it helped motivate me.

Naughty Neil:
My recovery meal was from Burger King. But, I restrained myself and only had a little Coke. But I did eat a lot of food before and after the race. I wish I could blame my mom but I'm a sucker for having somebody cook for me.

Splits are going to be broken down by Sections (1 through 4), Aid Stations (AS1 through AS4), and water tables (WT), there was one in Section 2, two in Section 3, and one in Section 4 - these were unmanned tables with just water. And all times are listed as HH:MM:SS (hours, minutes, and seconds).

Start to AS1 - 02:23:29
AS1 - 00:05:07
AS1 to WT - 01:20:50
WT to AS2 - 01:12:01
AS2 - 00:18:08
AS2 to WT - 01:09:03
WT to WT - 00:35:17
WT to AS3 - 01:30:41
AS3 - maybe a couple of minutes
AS3 to WT - 01:10:11
WT to AS4 - 02:11:04 - 50k - halfway point of race

AS4 - 00:30:19
AS4 to AS1 - 02:58:41
AS1 - 00:23:41
AS1 to WT - 01:28:21
WT to AS2 - 01:37:02
AS2 - 00:24:22
AS2 to WT - 01:32:14
WT to WT - 00:48:49
WT to AS3 - 02:07:48
AS3 - 00:44:05
AS3 to WT - 01:19:20
WT to AS4 - 02:44:54 - 28:35:40 total

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