Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Burning Bush

Not the miles planned but more than I could have hoped for if I had gone back to bed instead. And I wanted to go back to bed but somehow dragged myself into some running shorts and headed out the door.

Speaking of bed, I could really go for a third coffee right about now.

The run was fairly uneventful as expected. The weather was a bit cooler than I expected but aside from that things went well. I did wear a long sleeve shirt but really should have worn gloves.

Don't know what kind of bush this is, but it's about as bright as my shirt.

Temps were about 55F to 60F. Sun was out. No wind. Humidity was low.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had a little coffee before the run and plain water during the run. Recovery was two eggs, two slices of toast, four sausage links, yogurt, and more coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Toes hurt a bit after yesterday but that's my own dumb fault for not trimming my nails. Always seems to happen.

Wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt and a BUFF.

Today's Motivation:
Just keeping my streak alive. Just passed the halfway point. Getting a little nervous about making it through to the end of the month.

Naughty Neil:
I totally ate a bowl of cereal last night and had zero guilt about it. I was strong enough to not put a brownie in there.

Outbound - 33:17
Inbound - 32:14
Finish - 1:05:31

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