Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunrise Services

Was feeling a bit blue this morning and not really in the mood to run but once again, the idea of going back to bed and skipping a simple 2 miles is just too ridiculous. So I go out and run instead of going back to bed. Kind of like, here, have a cookie. It's tasty.

Anyway, today was foggy and blurry and fit my mood as I started down the road. But the fog started to lift and the sun started to rise and the run, and the day, started to look a little bit better. So I carried on down the road and finished my run and began my day.

It's getting spooky out!

Temps were about 65F. Lots of ground fog and heavy humidity. Light wind. Sky was mostly clear.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had a little coffee before the run. Plain water during the run. Recovery was three slices of toast, three sausage links, two eggs, and coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Some lingering numbness in my left foot but nothing major. Comes and goes. No pain, just feels like my sock is bunched up in my shoe sometimes.

Wore a long sleeve top and shorts. Also sported my headlamp since I was tired of carrying a flashlight in my hand.

Today's Motivation:
I sound like a broken record but really, this short distance stuff is the bomb. I also thought about delaying my run until this afternoon but I wasn't sure if I'd be running with the kids or not. So I knew I had to get it in this morning.

Naughty Neil:
Did better with eating yesterday. Didn't hit my mark on everything but convinced myself to eat a BLT instead of a big ass burger. And I skipped the fries but went with mac and cheese. In the end, I ended up just 25 calories over my mark. Not perfect but better than the day before.

Lollipop 1 - 12:49
Lollipop 2 - 13:23
Finish - 26:13

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