Monday, August 10, 2015

Busy Weekend

I'm not sure I'll remember every little tidbit of what we did this weekend so I'll hit the highlights of what I can remember. And throw some photos in there to make things interesting.

Saturday was a girls vs. guys day. While the ladies of the house went shopping, did some super-secret-stuff, and met us for lunch, the guys went to the gun show, John Deere dealer, and talked. In fact, my dad and I talked so much, William complained that he didn't get a chance to say anything. Which is hilarious because it's usually him that talks so much we can't get a word in edge-wise.

While we were at lunch at Goolrick's, I used the bathroom. I know, not exactly what you needed to hear about but it was my first time. So I had a pleasant surprise when I walked to the back of the building and saw this cool safe.

After that, we got our groceries and headed home. After a short break, we went back out into the wild and had a good time at a local car show. The owner of a 1974 VW Beetle offered William $100 if he could find the radiator. Well, he had no idea what that was but after walking around a bit more I showed him one. He promptly went back to the guy and asked if his offer was still good. It was so he looked all around the engine. I finally gave him my only hint. Turns out neither of us knew it was a trick question and that the engine was air cooled and there was no radiator. After seeing the look on William's face, he was nice enough to allow him to sit inside.

Sunday was full of exercise. Elizabeth dragged my butt out of bed and we went running bright and early. Then it was breakfast (sweet rolls) then after breakfast settled, it was off on a bike ride with William. Both of them were troopers and we had a great time. Most of the photos I took were at his direction.

When we got back, I got to work on cutting the grass and trimming up some of the crab apple tree branches. William helped out a bit and earned a few dollars. Then we went to the pool and chilled out, then home for dinner, then bed. I was pooped by the end of the day. And a little sunburned. But it was worth it. Great weekend that was fun and productive.

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Lauren said...

Wow -- that was a super busy weekend. You are lucky that you can get the kids to do things with you. My boys are always suspicious that I am going to trick them into some treacherous hike. ;) LOVE the bridge. And it looks so pretty out your way!