Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bazooka Gum and Running

Friday was a fun-filled day of getting the kids to school for their Open House. We got to meet their new teachers for the year, drop off their supplies, and freak a few people out. After that, I came home and got on my bike for what would be the longest bike ride I have ever done. 40 miles. My ass is still sore but it was worth it.

Along the way I got the chance to see part of the county that I haven't seen in years. The highlight of the trip was seeing Buddy's Supperette, which was a highlight of my childhood. I'd get to stop there most of the time we went by to get some Bazooka gum. It was a small treat but it was cool. I mean, the gum was hard as a rock but you got a cool little comic strip with it. After the short stop, we'd continue to the small field where my dad would fly ultralights.

Shortly after stopping there for a quick break, I nearly got my ass ran over by some idiot in a black town car who refused to slow down, yield, pass safely, or just be a cool dude. Instead he was a complete dick and would have lost his window had I not been so focused on being pissed at him. And, to top it off, he turned 15 seconds after he passed me. This is why I feel safer as a pedestrian.

After a very long ride and a very sore rear, I cleaned up and went to dinner. I didn't eat all the food but I seriously thought about it.

Today was filled with running and walking. I headed out to join the local Cross Country team for a workout but didn't have 8 miles in me. So I did about 3 and headed home. After breakfast, I headed back out on the trail and got a few more miles of walking in. Along the way I think I hit every damn spiderweb in the park. Sheesh.

But I also found a shortcut. And even though it spit me out on what was actually a closed trail, I felt comfortable in knowing where I was. Unlike when I was on the bike and was a bit lost a few times. Again. Seems like I need more maps when I ride than when I run.


Temps yesterday and today were about the same, about 70F to 80F. Humidity was low but it was a bit clammy this morning. Sun was out in full both days with a slight breeze.

Fluids and Fuel:
Yesterday was breakfast like normal but no lunch, which was about the time I left for my ride. During the ride I had a bottle of GenUCAN, a bottle of Hammer Fizz, two applesauces, an iced tea, and a bottle of GenUCAN Hydrate. Recovery was a dinner of shrimp tacos, white rice, chips, and fried ice cream.

Today was a few sips of coffee, my run, a recovery of a full breakfast. Breakfast was two English muffins, two eggs, two slices of bacon, and coffee. Then I did my walk followed by a recovery of tart cherry juice, iced tea, and eventually a lunch of two BLTs with chips and a cherry Coke. During the run I had plain water and during the walk I had plain water and an applesauce.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really. Except my ass. That still hurts. And some mild chafing.

No special gear but I did carry my ASP. After my close call with the asshole, I switched it to my left pocket so I can grab it and hit a car if need be.

Yesterday's and Today's Motivation:
I knew the 22 miles on my plan wasn't going to happen but I felt like riding. So I tried to challenge myself to doubling my run plan on the bike. I made it home with 38+ miles so I cranked out another loop around the hood just to hit that 40 mile mark.

Naughty Neil:
Well, the ice cream wasn't a great idea but I was hungry. Damn hungry.

Bike - 40 miles - 3:47:30
Run - 3.5 miles - 42:47

Walk - 3.87 miles - 1:38:05

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