Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Nearly walked into a swarm of inchworms during this morning's run. Quite fitting considering I was moving rather slowly today. Guess I shouldn't have crawled back into bed. But I was tired. Which was pretty obvious since I slept for about 2 more hours. Guess I shouldn't have stayed up quite so late.

Anyway, I chugged along as best as I could. Felt insanely slow and out of shape. Was barely a tenth of a mile down the road and I was already huffing and puffing. Gah. But I kept going and kept trying to tack miles on as I moved along. Along the way I saw a deflated pool raft, a vintage Mustang, and a million and one inchworms.

Temps were about 70F to 75F. Humidity was moderate to high. Sky was clear. Winds were moderate.

Fluids and Fuel:
Half a coffee before the run. Water, Hammer Fizz, and an applesauce during the run. Recovery was an egg and bacon sandwich with extra bacon and a slice of toast. Plus the rest of my coffee and some iced tea.

Aches and Pains:
Calves started feeling the burn in the first mile. Outside of that, and the huffing and puffing, things were pretty normal.

Wore shorts, t-shirt, hat, and hydration vest. Tested out a new, smaller Amphipod bottle. Gave me quite the scare when it suddenly squirted fluid out. Guess the Hammer Fizz had fizzed enough to build up pressure. Just glad it didn't get me.

Today's Motivation:
I was about to drive to the local trail then opted for a road run at the last minute. Not sure why but I did. Not sure where my motivation came from to keep going this morning but it was there somewhere.

Naughty Neil:
Damn wife keeps buying tasty dessert food. So I had some chocolate chip cookie cake last night. Not much though. I snacked a bit on rice puffs and beef jerky so that helped curb my appetite.

Finish - 57:42

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