Monday, March 23, 2015

Unit 421

Yesterday's run was pretty good. Had a few peaks and valleys with energy and for the most part my legs felt like lead weights but I survived to run again another day. Spent most of the run pretending I was some secret agent or security officer running around the woods. Constantly talking to myself and generally just being a complete weirdo. But hey, what else is new.

The alligator pond turned green.

Here's the frog that scared me.

Yep, that's a kitchen tile in the middle of the woods.


Temps were about 45F or so. Wind was moderate to high. Sky was fairly clear with a few clouds.

Fluids and Fuel:
No breakfast but the run was getting close to lunch. Had a cup of coffee before I started. During the run I had a bottle of plain water, two packs of applesauce, and a small bag of pretzels. Recovery was a steak and cheese sub with Hammer Recoverite to drink.

Aches and Pains:
Both legs felt super sluggish, mostly my calves but it was bearable.

Wore shorts, pants, thermal top, t-shirt, two BUFFs, and gloves. Also wore my Nathan pack to transport my cameras and wore my new shoes. I ended up naming them YELLAWOLF because I was not going to name them Bumble Bee. So when a frog scared the living shit out of me on the trail, I was headed towards Yella Belly Sap Sucker but that was too long. Then I thought about Yella then I quickly rolled into Yella Wolf. Not to be confused with YelaWolf, even though there's certainly some inspiration there.

Naughty Neil:
Well, I did pretty good during the day. But by dinner time I was starving and ate two helpings of pork, Brussels sprouts, and grilled potatoes. And then I went and had dessert after that. And then a snack.

Today's Motivation:
Mostly I wanted to install my cameras but I also needed some time to get outside and enjoy the woods.

Mile 1 - 12:31 (went out way too fast)
Mile 2 - 16:47 (includes time spent installing a camera)
Mile 3 - 15:17
Mile 4 - 14:04
Mile 5 - 16:19 (includes time spent installing a camera)
Mile 6 - 12:40 (tried to finish strong)
Finish - 1:27:39

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