Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Just Talk the Talk

You have to walk the walk.

And yesterday I'd like to think that I did. At least a little bit. I went for my weekly long run and came back feeling good. So I thought I'd try a little experiment and see if my son wanted to take some time and go for a walk. So we headed out to the local trail and explored the planet of Endor. No, it really isn't Endor but that's what we call it because it's pretty swampy nearby. The trail bisects a couple of large swamps so it's fitting that we call it Endor.

Anyway, he was having a rough morning and so I wondered if I could give him a little glimpse of why I enjoy running. I think it worked. By the end of the walk he was feeling better and his mood had improved. I think explaining that his dad is a little weird too and likes to play games with himself while he runs made it easier for him to feel comfortable.

At the very least, if I didn't make a big impact on his future habits, at least we got to spend some time together. I even managed to show him some of the "secrets" of the trail. They really aren't secrets but just well hidden tidbits that most trail users don't know about. But best of all for him, he got to play and explore in the woods. Best of all for me, I snuck in a walking workout of about a mile and a quarter and he didn't seem to mind. Not that he needs exercise but I'll take what I can get.

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