Monday, October 28, 2013

Podcast - Mile 71 - Avoidance

As I traipse along the trails at Lake Anna State Park, I do my best to avoid injury, an elevated heart rate, and horse shit. I was hurt a couple of years ago at the ICY-8 because I slipped and pulled something in my back.* It hurt like hell and lingered for awhile. I also try to avoid Zone 3 in my run because, well, because that's what my coach tells me to do. I don't always understand why he tells me to do certain things but I need to learn to have faith in him and his knowledge. And of course, I get to avoid giant piles of horse shit. The park is home to many trails that are open to horses and horses, like all things that eat, poop. Thankfully I avoided everything I could see.

Aside from that, the rest of the episode is my usual rambling. And then I get lost. Yup, I got lost. But just a little bit. Maybe a quarter of a mile. Maybe less.

You can avoid the horse pies here on SoundCloud. Seems that Podbean still lets me publish stuff so you can check it out over there too.

* Upon further research, it was actually my hamstring. My back hurt during and after the race, but the injury was to my hamstring.

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